About me

“The art of image making has always captivated me through its ability to break through language barriers, whether its an international publication travelling across seas or a child still learning the alphabet.”


Kathrina Wainstok grew up in central London. Her intrigue in the creative arts started when she was studying at St Marylebone performing arts specialist school. Early on in her education, she became a frequent visitor of London’s local galleries and museums. Some of her favourites include V&A, Tate Modern, Wellcome Collection, and History Museum.  Her determination to pursue a creative career was reinforced at the first international exhibition she visited in New York. Tim Burton’s “reinvented Hollywood genre filmmaking” at a delicately curated exhibition at the MOMA.

Subsequently, she attended a summer short course at the Chelsea University of the Arts and completed a foundation diploma in art and design at the Camberwell College of the Arts. She was then accepted onto a BA Illustration course at the Norwich University of the Arts. During this time she collaborated on many student start-ups as a designer, photographer, assistant, was a finalist for the Master of Art International Competition and landed her first freelance position as a social media marketing manager for a local bakery.

Since then she received a full scholarship to study an MA in Communications Design. That year she co-founded and launched a creative digital magazine, which won the Brainchild business competition. She informed her business’s development through a freelance marketing position at a local established publishers and finished the year winning a competition to work on a Doctors Without Borders project with Hyper Island in Stockholm, Sweden. As a freelance designer, she has developed her experiences in international travel photography, social media content development in digital, film and video, logo development and creative start-up consultation.

She is now looking for new and exciting collaborations. No task is too small.