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Specialist graphic design services for original custom designed printed and digital graphics.

Graphic Design Services Offered

Digital Graphic Design

Creating carefully curated layouts for company concepts and digital graphic content. Including logos, hyperlinked catalogues, interactive line sheets, digital templates and much more.

Print Graphic Design

An extensive experience designing and realising concepts for print. From large vinyl’s for wall decals to, leaflets, business cards, magazines, stickers and everything in-between.

Website Design

Focussed mainly on creative websites and eCommerce platforms. A well-rounded frontend web designer with a keen eye for changing digital trends and online markets.


She’s incredibly reliable and
delivers vital creative energy
on every project we bring to her.

― Melissa Legarda Founder at Virginutty

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Startup and established clients

Are you looking to hire a graphic designer in London? After designing and launching an award-winning magazine very early in her career Kathrina has moved onto enhance and refine her graphic design skillset with a keen interest in design for print and how it translates to and from digital.

There is an enhanced competition to hire graphic design companies in London above freelancers, however, with an independent freelancer such as Kathrina, you’re receiving a bespoke experience every time. Providing a truly excellent tailored graphic design service whether you’re updating your business branding or starting fresh.